After a childhood marked by pain, Rena Greenblatt has found the strength to build a successful career as a photographer. Like the ultrasensitive infrared film she uses, Rena sees what others don’t see, and finds a form of love. Rena travels to Tuscany with her father and his second wife. As the trip progresses, in an internal dialogue with her mental double, Rena submits her past to exposure. Read more –>

Fault Lines
Sol is a gifted but also terrifying six year old; his mother believes he is destined for greatness. He has a birthmark, like his dad, his grandmother and great-grandmother. But when they all make an unexpected trip to Germany, terrible secrets emerge about their family’s story during World War II. Perhaps birthmarks are not all that has been passed down through this family. Read more –>

An Adoration
In this novel by Nancy Huston, the characters participate in a legal hearing of a highly singular variety, unfolding outside of real time and place. They each give testimony in front of a mysterious magistrate who turns out to be none other than the reader herself or himself, presenting their respective and often contradictory version of the death—and life—of a certain Cosmo. Read more –>

Dolce Agonia
Dolce Agonia is a sometimes sad yet openly comic work, a moral and social reflection on our times compressed into a few hours of a snowy Thanksgiving night in a small college town in New England. Sean Farrell, the poet “with a gift for instilling discomfort,” is the host for this unforgettable evening: among his dozen guests are poets and writers and professors, former lovers, an artist-turned-housepainter, a bread maker, a secretary, and a young woman with an infant and a haunting past. Read more –>

A baby is born prematurely, and her mother sits at the beside willing her to live. Prodigy is an utterly unforgettable novella which traces the course of young Maya’s life as a brilliant child–loved and loving–and musical progidy. Nancy Huston once again presents us with a flawlessly executed and moving tale, which explores the boundaries between dream and madness, love and pain, art and reality. Read more –>

The Mark of the Angel
The year is 1957, and the place is Paris, where the psychic wounds of World War II have barely begun to heal, and the Algerian War is about to escalate. Saffie, an emotionally damaged young German woman, arrives on the doorstep of Raphael, a privileged musician who finds her reserve irresistible. But when Raphael send Saffie on an errand to the Jewish ghetto, where she meets András, a Hungarian instrument maker, each of their lives will be altered in startling and unexpected ways. Read more –>

Instruments of Darkness
Instruments of Darkness is the story of Nada, a divorced American writer who begins to come to terms with her past through research of another woman’s life. Barbe Durand, a courageous young French maidservant from the 1700s, is the woman Nada is researching. Setting out to give Barbe’s story life, Nada ends up sharing her own life story, one of an alcoholic father and mentally unstable mother. Read more –>

Slow Emergencies
Slow Emergencies conveys an irresistible impulse to create, and illustrates the emotional turmoil that ensues for Lin and her family. Nancy Huston writes brilliantly here about the passage of time, the body’s vulnerability, and the solitude of creative endeavour. What results is a deeply felt novel that offers a disquieting but profoundly moving meditation on just what it means to be an artist. Read more –>

Paula inherits fragments of her grandfather Paddock’s journal, which leads her on a journey of the heart and mind where she must recreate her ancestor’s troubled history. This epic tale draws readers through the early frontier’s hardships, through the Great War and the Depression and into the booming 1950s. Plainsong evokes the tale of four generations in a family and brings to vivid life a prairie town sculpted by the overwhelming forces of change.  Read more –>

Goldberg Variations
“Suppose you invite thirty people to your home, people whom you love or have loved, to listen to you perform Bach’s Goldberg Variations. And say that this concert unfolds like a midsummer night’s dream, that is, you, Liliane, succeed in vibrating thirty people like so many variations, each at a different tune — you must oscillate between memory and speculation. . .” Read more –>


Jocasta Regins
To write Jocasta Regina, Nancy Huston slipped into the two fables of Oedipus and gave a voice to Oedipus Rex’s wife, Jocasta, who has been silent for more than two thousand years. She shows us a Jocasta amidst her own people. Jocasta the wife, the mother of four children, the queen, she who cares for a city struck by plague. Read more –>