Goldberg Variations

Nancy Huston describes GOLDBERG VARIATIONS: “Suppose you invite thirty people to your home, people whom you love or have loved, to listen to you perform Bach’s Goldberg Variations. And say that this concert unfolds like a midsummer night’s dream, that is, you, Liliane, succeed in vibrating thirty people like so many variations, each at a different tune — you must oscillate between memory and speculation; you must, above all, master your fears — maybe then, all these fragments of music would dance into the same stream, and that you would call GOLDBERG VARIATIONS, a novel.”



Shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award for Translation

PRAISE FOR Goldberg variations:

An utterly delightful cacophony of brainy people wallowing in art, a wonderful explanation,  by way of character, of why it is so great to share culture.
— montreal gazette