Non Fiction

The Tale-Tellers : A Short Study of Humankind
To be human is to have a story and to tell stories – an ‘I’ only comes into being thanks to the ‘we’s’ which, through stories, we are taught to identify with and relate to. Each and every detail of our precious identities, from our names to our birthdates to our family histories to our national identities to our religions, is part of a story that was invented at a particular place and time, constructed in the same way as all stories are constructed. Read more –>

Longing and Belonging: Essays
Longings and Belongings is a collection of twenty-four essays published by Nancy Huston, written in English or French or both, over the past two decades (1981-2002). They can be seen as milestones on her path as novelist and expatriate, mother and intellectual, dreamer and realist, body and soul.

Losing North: Essays
Musings on Land, Tongue and Self
A brilliant series of essays from Nancy Huston examining the life and language of cultural exile.